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Air Conditioning


 terrytown-plumbing-heating-fireplace-baraboo-portage-reedsburg-wisconsin-dells-sauk-city-madison-wisconsin-pic8HOT, HOT, HOT, it’s SO hot in here!  Ever hear that in your house? Well, you never need to hear it again. In Wisconsin our cooling season tends to be much shorter than our heating season, but when it gets hot, it also tends to get humid.  One great way to ruin your summer is to not have a properly functioning air conditioning system.  With several types of air conditioning units, we can help you live very comfortably while the eggs are frying out on the driveway.


What makes a good air conditioning system:


  • Should operate efficiently (any over 10 yrs old have probably lost a lot of their efficiency)
  • Should provide a dependable performance when properly maintained
  • Should be quiet
  • Should help with reducing humidity
  • Should have low service needs
  • Should be properly sized (not too big or too small)


The companies that we partner with have equipment that will meet all of the above recommendations and we are able to properly size the system for you.