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Indoor Air Quality


terrytown-plumbing-heating-fireplace-baraboo-portage-reedsburg-wisconsin-dells-sauk-city-madison-wisconsin-pic9Did you know that the average duct cleaner gets approx. 40 lbs of debris out of existing ductwork after a cleaning?  Probably not, we didn’t either. Now that we know that though, crystal clear air is a priority when we install an HVAC system. Whether you have allergies or just hate to dust, we can install whole house filtration that can leave your family breathing easier with every breath.




Interesting Facts:

  • Each person inhales over 3500 gallons of air each day
  • Polluted air causes 94% of all respiratory problems
  • 18.7 million adults and 7.0 million children have asthma according to the CDC as of 2012
  • There are approximately 40,000 dust mites in 1 ounce of dust (remember the 40 lbs above??)  16 oz in 1 lb x 40 lbs= 640,000 dust mites that could be in your ductwork
  • A person sheds up to 700,000 skin flakes per day


Not only will your family’s health benefit from good indoor air quality, so will your heating and cooling equipment.  By adding proper filtration, you will significantly extend the life of your HVAC system if properly maintained.  Just another way to add peace of mind.