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Whole House Dehumidifiers


terrytown-plumbing-heating-fireplace-baraboo-portage-reedsburg-wisconsin-dells-sauk-city-madison-wisconsin-pic10It’s not the heat it’s the humidity right?? We’ve heard this a million times.  All homes need dehumidification no matter where you live.  A whole house dehumidifier will pull air from all rooms in your home through the return air ducts. The moisture is pulled from the air and then sends dry comfortable air back through your home.  Dehumidifiers work in conjunction with your air conditioner to keep your house at a healthy humidity level or it can even work alone on days where humidity levels are slightly raised but you don’t need the air conditioning system on.


Signs you might need a dehumidifier:


  • You have trouble sleeping due to clammy skin or the air feels stuffy
  • Floors or other surfaces feel sticky
  • Your ice cold drink is sweating
  • There are musty or moldy smells in certain areas of your home
  • Your cold water lines are condensating
  • You keep turning down the air conditioning to get rid of the stuffy feeling
  • Your towels won’t dry if you hang them to reuse later
  • You have a hard time breathing in the humidity


Your air conditioning system is designed to control temperature and not humidity.  It must work harder to reduce humidity level so adding a dehumidifier will help with the efficiency of your air conditioning system.  Running the dehumidifier alone in the spring and fall where there is a bit of humidity, but no need for air conditioning, will help you live more comfortably and safely in your home.